The Acorn Candy proceeds will go to the Winter Park Live Oak Fund. If you have a shop on Park Avenue and would like to help please contact us at 407-252-1286 for more information or Email Acorn Candy.

There are 12 Chocolate filled acorns in each box.
The Candy Acorns were made by WorryWartz, Inc. especially for the Winter Park Live Oak Fund. If you wish to hold a fundraiser to help in the cause we can supply the Acorn Candy under certain conditions. Email us above for terms.

WorryWartz will deliver the candy directly to your shop or home based on a minimum of 12 boxes for shops and 24 boxes for fundraising groups.
Box measures 31/2 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches long and 1 inch deep. The box is a nice gold color with either green or gold ties.
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If you wish to buy boxes of Acorn Candy for personal use, or as a gift, we suggest going to one of the shops on Park Avenue, or if you want at least 24 boxes we will have the candy delivered to your home. Acorn Candy makes a wonderful gift. Think about special dinners or your office staff.
Where can you buy Chocolate Filled Acorn Candy? Just Click Here for a location near you.
You can puchase a box of 12 Chocolate filled Acorn Candy for $10.00
Click on the link above to find out where.